Creality3D CR - 10 3D-printer

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Disclaimer: ● Lees en volg de gebruikershandleiding zorgvuldig voordat u de 3D-printer monteert of gebruikt. ● Modificatie en aanpassing van de 3D-printer zijn ten strengste verboden. We nemen geen verantwoordelijkheid voor eventuele problemen die voortvloeien uit wijzigingen. ● Gebruik altijd de juiste wisselspanning voor uw regio. ● Plaats de 3D-printer niet in de buurt van ontvlambare / brandbare materialen of warmtebronnen. ● Gebruik de 3D-printer alleen op goed geventileerde plaatsen. Houd een veilige afstand tot de printer aan.
CR - 10 3D groot formaat Desktop doe-Printer LCD-scherm met SD-kaart Off-line afdrukfunctie Beschrijving: De CR-10 3D-desktopprinter is een 3D-printer met het geïmporteerde speciale aluminium frame. Het beschikt over een super groot bouwvolume van 300 x 300 x 400 mm, standaard een mondstukdiameter van 0,4 mm (kan worden vervangen tot 0,3 / 0,2 mm). Om de garage-gebouwd gevoel en de handgemaakte charmes te behouden, is de CR-10 3D-desktopprinter ook een build-it-yourself-set, die je een onvergetelijke stap voor stap leerervaring biedt voor de 3D-printer! Belangrijkste kenmerken: ● Met LCD-scherm en toetsenbord voor eenvoudig offline gebruik ● Ondersteunt off-line printen van SD-kaarten, kan ook direct printen met USB-adapter ● 300 x 300 x 400 mm bouwvolume, precies goed voor u ● Ondersteunt meerdere 3D-printing filamenten: ABS / PLA / TPU enzovoort ● Verdere vereenvoudigde structuur betekent snelle montage en eenvoudige aanpassing, wat u zowel tijd als energie bespaart ● Verbeterde stabiliteit en betrouwbaarheid: aluminiumplaat zorgt voor stabielere afdrukken ● Assemblage is eenvoudig en geschikt voor doe-het-klanten ● Het is een ongemonteerde doe-het-zelf kit, die je een onvergetelijke stap-voor-stap leerervaring biedt voor de 3D-printer vanaf nul. Zolang u een passie hebt voor creativiteit, kunt u het zich niet veroorloven om dit product te missen. ● Nozzle-temperatuur: lager dan 250 ° C in een normale toestand, max. 270 Deg.C ● Met de functies voor het splitsen van filamentdetectie en doorgaan met afdrukken wanneer de uitschakelstatus wordt hersteld (alleen voor de bijgewerkte versie) ● Opmerking: u kunt hier klikken om een ​​andere kleur te kiezen Stuurprogramma downloaden: klik hier

AlgemeenMerk: Creality3D
Type: DIY
Model: CR - 10
Mondstuk diameter: 0.4mm
Geheugenkaart offline afdrukken: SD-kaart
LCD scherm: Ja
Print snelheid: 150mm / s
Materiële diameter: 1.75mm
Bestandsformaat: G-code,JPG,OBJ,STL
Host computer software: Cura
Verpakkingssoort: ongemonteerde verpakkingDimensies en gewichtProductgewicht: 13.0000 kg
Pakket gewicht: 14.0000 kg
Product grootte: 61,50 x 60,00 x 49,00 cm / 24,21 x 23,62 x 19,29 inch
Pakketgrootte: 64,00 x 53,00 x 27,00 cm / 25,2 x 20,87 x 10,63 inchInhoud verpakkenInhoud verpakken: 1 x CR - 10 3D-desktop-zelfetsetKleurBlauwGrootteEU Plug
Fredrik Stahre

The printer works well and gives good prints. I'm new to 3D printing so I can't really compare to anything else except youtube clips from other printers. One thing I have notices is that the cat print (even though it didn't print the head) included gets printed in super awesome quality and prints I've gotten of Thingiverse and sliced with Cura does not reach that quality, I guess it has to do with settings in Cura and maybe the details of the 3D files. The quality is very nice anyway though, so no real complaint, just an observation. It takes some skills to do the right settings when slicing.

My machine was not actually working ok when I first started it up. The temperature measurements were resetting randomly and resulted in Low Temp errors. I found that the problem is because the cable that goes to the to the nozzle, fans etc is glitchy, when I move the cable it looses connection. I've temporarily solved it by disassembling the connector on to the main unit and bent the cables a bit but it's not a long term solution. I will ask GearBest if the can send a new cable.

Overall, for the price, this printer is very good so far and it was easy to assemble. If it hadn't been for that glitch in the cable it would have been super easy. Still, not recommended if you are looking for a Plug and Play experience, you need to watch some you tube vids, read some instructions and be ready to experiment a bit before you get nice prints.


La stampante CR-10 è una buona stampante che ha un ottimo rapporto prezzo-prestazione. E' facile da montare anche dai meno esperti; di fatto c'è da unire i due pezzi principali, stringere le viti e collegare i fili x, y, z nella giusta posizione e poi non resta che partire per la prima stampa di prova. Come “tradizione” NON STAMPATE il file g-code del Gatto... è corrotto e dopo due ore di stampa va fuori centro ed è tutto da buttare! Scaricate da internet uno dei tanti files di prova e provate con quelli; a me ha funzionato molto bene il Robot di Ultimaker.
Per stampare in PLA non è necessario scaldare il piatto, occorre solo il nastro per dare aderenza. Occorre fare una buona calibrazione, che con un piatto di così grandi dimensioni non è semplicissima anche se, una volta fatta, viene mantenuta a lungo.
Il problema maggiore nella calibrazione del piatto è che se vanno bene gli angoli al centro la testina di stampa o è troppo vicina e raschia la superficie o è troppo lontana e il layer non aderisce bene... Ciò è probabilmente dovuto al fatto che il piano in vetro non è perfettamente piano ma tende ad alzarsi o abbassarsi al centro. Consiglio quindi, dato che le stampe non saranno sempre alla massima dimensione, di calibrare il piatto sulla parte centrale più utilizzata per stampe con la base fino a 18x18 cm, ed utilizzare tutti i 40 cm di altezza.

Consiglio questa stampante, soprattutto se è la vostra prima stampante 3D dove poter sperimentare ed imparare i trucchi per una buona stampa.

Creality CR-10S Unboxing and Setup

The Creality3D CR - 10S 3D Desktop DIY Printer was a very simple and easy to build 3D printer that has very good print results.
Highly recommend if you are in the market for a 3D printer that is low budget with good quality print output.
Building the printer was very easy from start to finish. Very little skill was needed as a lot of the build was already done.
Unbelievable 3D printer. Well worth the money
Very good quality prints
Prints in most filaments
Everything is very high quality
Super quick and easy to assemble.
Some extra parts even
I've only just started but this seems to be one of the easier printers to upgrade quite a bit
Included micro-SD card has a couple prints on it already that are nice mods for the CR-10. Such as a couple strain reliefs and a guide, etc.
Check out my unboxing and build video


Mein erster 3D-Drucker - und ich muss sagen, nach diversen Startschwierigkeiten - man muss sich erst mal so richtig in die 3D-Drucker-Welt einlesen - klappt das ganze sehr gut.

Die Firmware habe ich jedoch mittlerweile auf eine inoffizielle Marlin-Version 1.1.9 geupdatet, da mit der bestehenden trotz erweitertem ABL-Sensor der Sensor hinten und vorne nicht funktioniert. Aktuell drucke ich wieder ohne ABL-Sensor.
Der ABL-Sensor war direkt von Creality, löst jedoch leider aktuell noch sehr ungenau aus. Werde ich später nochmals genauer prüfen, da andere mit dem Creality-Sensor (mittlerweile) bestens Drucken können.

Ansonsten nach 9 Monaten immernoch dieselbe Nozzle, keinerlei Probleme. Glas-Platte habe ich allerdings gegen eine Carbon-Platte ausgetauscht, da mir die Aktion mit dem Krepp-Band auf Dauer zu umständlich war.

Auch habe ich die Leveling-Wheels durch die Großen ausgetauscht und die Federn durch Silikon-Bumper, da diese sich nicht so schnell "verstellen".

Octopi noch angeschlossen und prima ist das Ganze.


First of a thanks to the SYHL Store, nice price and rocket speed delivery!! WOW!

The Creality CR-10S is a very competent 3D printer for a newbie like me and after reading tons of reviews this was the right one for me. BIIIIG printing space for lager printouts since I want to make front panels, enclosing, breakout multiprinted objects like a complete gear set in one print or multiple parts for a project at once instead of printing them one by one.
It's hackable, add a pen and use it as a PCB plotter, a dremel and mill plastics, wood or pcb's etc., a laser and cut or engrave stuff. The possibilities are endless! Use your imagination!

* Very easy to assemble!
* Useful software for a beginner.
* A whooping 200gr spool of white PLA! Now that's not bad! Thank you Creality! You can kick start a rather big print with that one!
* Not as noisy as I expected.
* Nice quality prints for the price paid.
* It comes with a sheet of cork isolating the underside of the heat bed. (Helps the printing a lot.)

* The heat bed is 12v and is a little weak of heat, could have some potential hickups with ABS. (Build a cardboard box or like to isolate the printer. Should do the trick)

Do highly recommend this product!

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